Here, you're safe, appreciated, and the bar's always open.

The information bar, that is.

Call author E.B. Gunn the bartender -- he'll listen, share insights, and introduce you to other members going through similar horrors. E.B. has seen it all - and has been through it all. Having been through divorce himself, he knows what you're up against, and he knows what you need most: friends and information. Here's a community where you can learn valuable insights before you hire the $500/hour attorney. And be sure to check out the Psycho Ex-Wife and Chucklehead section -- here are stories by others going through the same stuff you are -- maybe they'll make you feel better. Most importantly, rest assured, you're not alone. The Clubhouse is just getting up and running. We're glad you're here.
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The Gentleman's Guide to Divorce Playbook

The Gentleman's Guide to the Nasty Divorce ebook

  • Get proactive so you can quit worrying
  • Find out if she's cheating so you can hang her the first time
  • Find out if she knows you're cheating so you can slip the noose
  • Get a plan so you can keep your kids and your money


The Gentleman's Guide to Cooking Through a Child Custody Battle ebook

  • E-Z recipes that every kid likes
  • Dozens of ways to charm the guardian and custody evaluator
  • Little-known tactics for winning the kids' hearts that don't have anything to do with either cooking or dissing the ex

1 12 hours of podcasts with Judge and E.B. that give you the basics

  • Three tricks every divorcing guy should know
  • Using your divorce attorney effectively
  • What to do when you think she's cheating
  • You know it's over: how to protect yourself
  • Who serves first: divorce court manners - and moves
  • The custody fight: you and the kids
  • The custody fight: you and the professionals

All this for the equivalent of 10 minutes of your attorney's time: $47.95. Save thousands. Go in Smart!

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You Think Yours Was Bad? Share Your Horror Stories Below!

We'll post the classics, just please change the names and places to protect the guilty!

Got a Chucklehead Story?

Went long when you should have stopped short? You told the gossip columnist what? Great plan back-fired?


Got a Psycho Ex-Wife Story?

The ex did what? She actually said that? Whoa! She needs serious help. Let's put her up on the Wall of Shame.


Here's what guys are saying about the Playbook

Sam H. Atlanta, GA

"I knew what was happening, but I just didn't want to face it. I didn't know what to do or where to turn. I thought if I didn't acknowledge it, it might go away. 'The Gentleman's Guide to the Nasty Divorce' is where I should have turned. E.B. would have saved me a bundle!"

Malcolm M. Bangor, ME

"This lawyer Judge in the podcasts, I want him for my cornerman. You can hear him smiling and making you smile ... while he slices out the guts and field dresses the opposition. I learn better by listening. The podcasts were worth the whole cost of admission."

Joe S. St Louis, MO

"When I was in the middle of my fight for the kids a smart friend sent me E.B.Gunn's Cookbook. I couldn't put it down, and when I had finished it not only did I have hope, I knew exactly what I had to do. If I was giving them out, I'd give E.B. the Pulitzer Prize! This book's worth a hundred shrinks!"

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