Bonus Offer

On the podcast that E.B.Gunn and his lawyer friend, Judge, put up that we call “The Bonus” E.B. and Judge mentioned some stuff guys might need to help them get settled in their new, divorcing, circumstances.


One of these was software that can enable you to see texts, addresses and phone calls from a phone that is being used by someone else. There are a couple of variables here. Like “Is the phone you’d like to access registered to an account for which you are the primary responsible party?” and “Do you have exclusive access to the phone such that from time to time you can slip out its SIM card and take it to your computer for a few minutes before returning it?” and “What kind of phone is it?”


The answers to these questions will determine exactly which software you’ll want to get. Here’s the link to the page where you can go to read about the characteristics of the various available softwares.


E.B. and Judge also talked about protecting your privacy by establishing a new and entirely separate and secret digital footprint for yourself. So, for example, if you want to access dating sites, or receive online legal or tactical advice, correspond frankly with a trusted friend about divorce matters, Skype with your girlfriend, or make surreptitious online purchases you’ll want to have an email address and a laptop that is beyond the ex’s view.


Jealous, or just curious, wives commonly snatch their husband’s laptops and whistle them down to a forensic computer lab where a technician copies the laptop’s hard drive — which includes not just every email sent and received by that computer, but also a log of every website that computer has ever visited — on to a CD for her in about ten minutes. Then they pour over this trash for days. If there’s a “family” desktop computer at home, it goes without saying nothing on it is the slightest bit secret.


To avoid these sorts of intrusions during the year or two your divorce may take, E.B. and Judge recommended in the bonus podcast that you get an 11.5” screen laptop that you can keep locked in your car, or in your office desk drawer, or at your club, or somewhere way out of the way at home. Use the new email address only from this computer, and don’t tell anyone – not even your lawyer – about it.


Several computer makers make 11.5” screen laptops. A very slim one that you can tuck in your briefcase unnoticed, with a battery that lasts 7-8 hours, and that’s great at picking up the internet in remote locations is the MacBook Air.



Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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