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In the ‘Private Investigators’ chapter of The Gentleman’s Guide I write that you should not try to do what professional private investigators do. However you can, and perhaps should, do some private sleuthing before you call in the pro. After all, somehow you’re going to have to have a pretty strong suspicion about what’s going on, and where and when it’s going on, before you can reasonably justify spending money on a pro.

You have to give him a lead.

You can come by this information several ways. If you’re really lucky, a friend will just tell you. More likely it will be that you figure it out for yourself (get clubbed over the head with it) when you find a note, or hear a phone message, or overhear a phone call. And what is it about women that makes them write a love diary and put it in their underwear drawer? To be sure these clues raise suspicions, but they may still not be enough to cause the hiring of the investigator. They may not tell you where and when. After all it could be over. A suspicion is a suspicion, but to actually drop the dime one would prefer to have the suspicion confirmed. As Sun Tzu noted in ‘The Art of War’ 1500 years ago, intelligence is essential to victory.

It may be necessary to play cat and mouse.

Or, in the alternative, you may wish to become aware of who’s watching you … do a bit of counterintelligence.

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Dating Services

The further a guy gets from his temporary hearing the more acceptable it is for him to be seen around town in dating situations. As I was writing The Gentleman’s Guide, and happened to speak with guys doing field research, it became obvious that dating has changed a good bit in the past decade. If variety is the spice of life, one can credibly argue that love has gotten spicier.

One of the major reasons things have changed, as with so many things, is the effect of the rise of the internet. This has brought online dating services into play, and single people have long since lost their shyness about using these services.

There are now a blizzard of online dating services, most of which present themselves as specialists in the various ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. Guys who wish to find that most unusual of creatures, the nice girl, might try PerfectMatch.com Save $30 – Off 1 Month Membership with PerfectMatch (50% Savings) a service that portrays its customers as those seeking “compatability.”

Good luck. Let Brother E.B. know how it goes!


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