The Books

  • The Guide Book

    The Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce by E.B. Gunn is a tell-all survival guide to the trials, tricks and tribulations of those take-no-prisoners divorces that assault you at the supermarket check-out. But it is not just a book for celebrities, it’s for every guy who’s looking at the dissolution of his marriage, and especially the ones with wives who don’t mind taking off, among other things, the gloves.

    Domestic battles share a predictable rhythm. To the initiated there are surprisingly few surprises. E.B. Gunn, a former newspaper reporter, has been there and back himself and with many friends and he has the rare gift of writing about what he’s seen with pathos and humor. A veteran also of many tough political campaigns, his lexicon is naturally that of who he is: a campaign manager. Divorces really aren’t as they are so commonly portrayed: courtroom battles between lawyers. What their outcomes turn upon, just as in political campaigns, is what the principals — in this case, the former spouses — do. How in their new, single, roles do they interact with one another and their children? And as in political campaigns, how are those interactions portrayed by the principals themselves, by their respective advocates, and finally by the paid observers whose job it is to referee and judge?

    Tightly written and stitched, The Gentleman’s Guide reads like a novella. The difference is when the reader clicks out of the last page he’s not just had a quick and juicy read, he’s learned what demons await him in the troubled waters ahead, and how to survive with dignity their assaults.

    The book is applicable in all 50 states and it has been carefully vetted by lawyers to assure its pinpoint accuracy. Nonetheless the book by no means provides legal advice. Lawyers give legal advice. This book is a survival guide.

    A guy with a thousand friends who’s been a thousand places, when it comes to women good and bad, E.B.’s seen and heard it all. The Gentleman’s Guide is where somehow with a wry smile and a sideways glance he makes sense of it.

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  • The Cook Book

    The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking through a Child Custody Battle is a no-nonsense guidebook to the essentials of life with the kids during a custody fight.  The book looks like it might be a cookbook, and it is a book with recipes kids love.

    But the book is much more than that.

    Techniques for handling the Guardian ad litem?  They’re here.  Trouble with the Custody Evaluator?  Here’s the troubleshooting manual. Tricks to cutting the ex off at the pass when she tries to pull a fast one?  They’re here!  How to stay one step ahead of the children’s teachers, coaches and shrinks, all of whom may end up on the witness stand at your next custody hearing?  They’re here!!  Ways of keeping the kids on your team without ever breathing an ill word about the ex?  They’re here too!!!

    Here’s the thing.  In a custody fight you have to “Out-Parent” the Ex! That means cooking the chow yourself at your house and making it fun. Going out all the time won’t cut it, and neither will bringing in a cook … especially of course not a girlfriend!  It means Out-Cooking the Ex!

    Out-Parenting means patching the kids up when they fall. It means helping with homework.  It means bedtime stories and good-night kisses. And much more …

    Here’s the Playbook.  The first ever written!

    You don’t want to give up your first-born?  You don’t have to, but you better know what you’re doing and get it right the first time.  Here’s where you’ll get the introductory boots-on-the-ground course.

    You can pay your lawyer thousands, or you can get it here for $7.99.

    Get The eBook, Gents! Only $7.99!

  • The Lady’s Guide

    After my last hum-dinger divorce my kid sister Edie said, “E.B., I think now you’ve seen it all. You should write a book.”

    As I thought about it, I decided she had something there. Edie’s always been very smart. So I sat down one day and started The Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce. And it just came out. It was right there on the tip of my tongue. And, writing the book actually helped put the whole mess tidily into an envelope, stamp it, and mail it.

    While all that was going on Edie was going stalwartly through her own loony divorce.  Her children and a couple of mine, “The Cousins” as we call that gang, match up in age pretty well so Edie and I made a special effort to keep The Cousins together while the in-laws were hitting the road.

    It was good for us too.

    When I finished the manuscript I showed it to her.  After all, the book had been her idea.  She said, “Well it sure is for guys,” and she gave the book its name.

    Sometime later I saw her at the beach and she gave me her The Lady’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce manuscript. “You little scamp,” I said.

    “Don’t worry,” she replied. “You won’t understand it.”

    Like with most things, she’s probably right about that. But I gather from women who have read Edie’s manuscript that they get it, they like it, and in a couple of cases already they’ve been helped by it.


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