E.B. Gunn

As a reporter E.B.Gunn has covered everything from political campaigns to celebrity divorces (and the occasional wedding) to Superfund scandals, cyberscams galore, business meltdowns, and more than a few political train wrecks. He once wrote a series called ‘The Murder of Earth.’

Recruited to work on Wall Street during the dot.com bubble, little did he know he was working alongside some of his times’ greatest heroes … and gangsters.

It didn’t take long for Gunn to tire of the Wall Street scene and when he did he put his feet up and hung out his shingle as a suburban-based political pollster and campaign consultant.  Then just when it was all supposed to slow down, get easy and make sense, two hurricanes blew through: Wife One and Wife Two.

These days Gunn still runs campaigns — bigger campaigns — and between campaigns he writes books under his own name, and as a ghostwriter for public officials he supports. A friend to many, Gunn is now happily remarried, and with his present wife he is the father of two young sons whose baseball team he coaches. At the end of each season Coach EB always has the team out to the farm for a pick-up ballgame followed by his signature gumbo and marshmallows (the recipes for each can be found in Gunn’s custody cookbook). Weekdays he regularly has lunch with his hometown mayor, whose campaigns he runs, and his friend Judge, whom the mayor appointed to the town’s Municipal Court bench. This group, often joined by others, can be found at the back corner table of Gunn’s favorite local Italian restaurant, the table the locals call “The Board Room.” Some say EB makes moonshine.  Others say he drives too fast.  Occasionally he returns for a rooftop cigar to his club in New York City.



Judge is a city-boy top tier Family Law attorney who in your town would bill out at $350-$900 an hour. He has been in private practice handling thousands of Divorce Court matters for over 30 years. His clients range from A-List movie stars to drug dealers. That’s his day job. He’s before Family Court judges all the time.

Judge gets his name because he is a judge too, a Municipal Court judge, who on nights and weekends locks up Criminal Domestic Violence offenders, drunk drivers, thieves and assailants of various descriptions. Judge has been a Municipal Court judge for over 20 years. That’s his night job.

The Judge and E.B. regularly catch lunch together with the guys in The Board Room. Between the two of them they’ve been up, down, in, out, front-page news, around the block, on the dais, stuck in the elevator, on the hot seat, down the road and back to tell the tale.

E.B. and Judge’s “Three tricks every divorcing guy should know’ podcast was recorded at Judge’s dining room table.