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Read This If You've Ever Dreamed of Leaving Her. 

Or think she might want to leave you...

The Playbook contains two ebooks by best-selling author E.B.Gunn and seven podcasts of the author and a to tier domestic attorney telling men the things to do and definitely not do when their marriage breaks down to save on lawyers, get a fair settlement, and keep time with their kids. The emphasis of The Playbook is on knowing the warning signs when you see them, and staying one step ahead of the ex and the divorce process so you don't make costly mistakes because you were surprised. The Playbook covers all the essential divorce and custody issues men face ... for less than they'll pay for one phone call with their lawyer.

Get out of your marriage with your shirt ... and your kids!

  • How to get your attorney's best work ... and keep the costs low
  • How to keep the ex off her game... without getting the judge miffed
  • How to keep the kids working with you ... so the wife won't know
  • When to mediate ... so you don't have to litigate
  • How to survive ... and then thrive


YOUR DIVORCE is coming. It’s imminent. It’s here. Or you’re in the thick of it.  If any of those circumstances describe the status of your marriage, or that of a good pal, READ ON … to save A YEAR’S PAY OR MORE on your divorce.

A million US marriages end in divorce each year and most of those million guys made big mistakes and got crummy deals because they either couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the big bucks to the big lawyer who could tell them how the game’s played. Reasonably so, that’s a lose-lose. Either you pay the lawyer, or you pay the ex – you lose BUNDLES either way.

Guess what? THERE’S A PLAYBOOK that the good divorce attorneys know by heart – what’s going to happen – and when – during each divorce. So why shouldn’t you know the plays rather than give BUNDLES to your attorney to have him tell you what those plays are?! We’ll give you the background here. GO IN SMART!

Here’s your chance! The Gentleman’s Guide to Divorce Playbook peels the mystery off property settlements and child custody disputes and GIVES YOU THE PLAYBOOK! In plain English.

Don’t pay a lawyer to teach you the facts of life. The Gentleman’s Guide To Divorce Playbook gives them to you. In this book E.B. Gunn provides you with what you need to know to get started. Here are the formulas. You do the arithmetic. Here are the rules the way the street guys understand them.

Which ones have you broken? What’s it gonna cost you? This isn’t lawyer-speak. This is just the way it is. It’s all here.

We don’t say “Don’t get a lawyer.” We say “GO IN SMART.” Pay your lawyer to lawyer. And remember, he’s only as good as his case. There’s stuff you could be doing RIGHT NOW to strengthen the case you know is coming. Learn it here.

Learn how to be a smart client … before it’s too late!

“If I had read The Gentleman’s Guide before I first went to see a domestic attorney, I could have bought the Porsche I always wanted with the savings,” T.M., Del Mar, California.

Half the reason guys stick their heads in the sand about their divorce until they are smacked between the eyes is because the whole mess seems so unpleasant, mysterious and expensive! They don’t want to go see the lawyer. They know it’s going to cost them BUNDLES they don’t have … just to learn the basics. So when the cheese hits the fan, they’ve still got their pants down! Well no more!

Here’s what you get from The Playbook:

$Get the insider basicsSo you don’t have to pay an attorney to teach you.

$ - Get the moves from the pros - So you can out-maneuver the ex.

$Get proactive - So you can quit worrying

$Understand ‘Marital Property’, So you can anticipate the costs

$ - Learn the game - So you can keep the kids.

$ - Figure out the simple stuff yourself - So you don’t have to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour to do it for you

$ - Find out if she’s cheating - So you can spring the trap right the first time

$- Find out if she knows you’re cheating - So you can slip the noose

In his breakthrough books E.B. Gunn has taken a taboo subject and lifted it up to the light. Somehow, as he turns the institution of marriage dissolution around for inspection on every side the human comedy is revealed.

Is this book chocked full of useful information? Yes!

Will it get you ready? Yes!
Will it make you laugh too? Yes! Yes!

Written by a best-selling author, and vetted by lawyers for pinpoint accuracy, The Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce reads like a novel. The only thing is when you get to the end you find it was you you were reading about, and now it’s your future you see more clearly.

“When I was at my lowest point, a smart friend sent me The Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce. I couldn’t put it down. When I had finished it, at last I had hope. I knew what I had to do, and exactly how to do it. What a gift! If I was giving them out, I’d give E.B. Gunn the Pulitzer Prize! This book’s worth a hundred shrinks!” — Joe S., St Louis Mo.

Half the weddings you go to you say to yourself “This one won’t last.” Every one of those grooms should get The Playbook. There’s stuff in The Playbook these guys should know on their honeymoons. You need to hide assets from her nosy little eyes? Here’s how! You’re going to want your grandmother’s engagement ring back when it’s all over? Read how here...

You were out with your cousin and things he said made you know, whether he is ready to face it or not, that his marriage is coming to an end. He’s sticking around because he’s afraid he’ll lose his kids. His wife’s a killer – the whole family’s known that since their wedding — and he’s in for it. You feel bad for him and the tough road he clearly has ahead of him. But what do you do? What can your cousin do? Ju-jitsu!

Email him a copy of The Playbook! You can even send it anonymously so your cousin won’t know who gave it to him. Then take the credit later, if you like, after you and E.B. have helped him get out with his skin.

The Gentleman’s Guide is an easy – even fun –read. It’s a classic. But once your cousin has digested it he’ll havethe basics of what he’s got to do now to get himself prepared for the end.

She comes on hard? Use her momentum against her!

E.B. will show your cousin what to do now to protect his assets. And he’ll show him what to do and say to keep his kids. A custody fight is like a political campaign. If you never ran one, you wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to start. But E.B. does, and he makes it easy for his readers. Save the pricey lawyers for later. Get started here!

The Playbook
makes a great gift!

Marriage is a love affair, until it isn’t. Then it’s a business, an unfortunate partnership that has to get wound up and dissolved. What do the smart guys do along the way that makes the end go better? It’s here in black and white. Who says you can’t be in love and still be smart?

I did what E.B. said and walked into my lawyer’s office when E.B. told me I had to. By then my case was already half won. Thanks E.B.! You saved me thousands! And it was a good read besides. Mike M., Fort Lauderdale, FL.


The information in The Playbook didn’t come cheap. Or quick. E.B. Gunn has been through the contesteddivorce mill himself, and he’s got tons of friends who’ve been through it too. He’s seen every greedy wrinkle, pulled a pal out of every smouldering ditch, laid clever traps himself and been snared by others in brilliant ones. It’s all here. A former newspaperman, E.B. Gunn has written a tight book that tells guys what they need to know to come out of the system with their fair share of their money.


If you want to make sure you keep time – big time – with your kids, that’s all here too. E.B.’s got a bunch, and he raised every one. There’s a ton to know about how to ensure the system doesn’t deal you out of raising your kids. Stuff you wouldn’t think of yourself, but it makes perfect sense when E.B.explains it.

The sooner you start reading it, the easier the whole mess will go and the sooner you can get on with the rest – and more pleasant – part of your life.

Quit fretting and learn what you need to know to get out with your skin!

“This Gunn, he’s been around the block! When it comes to this sh*t, he rocks!” Jermaine B., Detroit, Michigan.

The Gentleman’s Guide to The Nasty Divorce ebook isn’t like a 12 Step program. It’s a survival guide. E.B. breaks your divorce down into its component parts – private eyes, lawyers, judges, guardians ad litem, adultery,child support, alimony, custody, visitation schedules – and a ton more and gives you the ins and outs of each one, how they fit together, and what you can do to ensure you come out with your fair share … or more! Among the various lawyers’ specialties the Family Law courtroom is one of the simplest. Yet because of the passions involved, it is also one of the most dreaded. This book throws open the courtroom door and marches you in.

Did you know there are ways to get your case in front of the most sympathetic judge?
Ask E.B. how!
Do you know how to know your lawyer’s right for you? Ask E.B.!

She’s cheating and you know it. Should you try to catch her? And if so, how? The Playbook answers every question you could have about private eyes. When to use them and when not to. How to find the good ones and avoid the charlatans.



These are tricks that guys pay their lawyers thousands to learn. Learn them here! Only The Playbook gives them to you in black and white, and then shines a light onto the hot spots in the hour-and-a-half of podcasts that are included in the offer.

There are the red-hot topics E.B. and Judge address in the 7 podcasts:

$ - “Three tricks every divorcing guy should know” is the wake up on how the game’s played by the pros who play it every day. The right result for you must be underpinned by the right facts. Here’s what they are and how to start getting them. 12:10 mins.

$ - “Using your divorce attorney effectively” gives the basics on getting the most from your divorce attorney for the fees paid. Everything from the finding the best attorney for you, to the basics of the attorney-client relationship, to tricks for saving 15 billable minutes here and there. 12:34 mins.

$- “What to do when you think she’s cheating” explains the stakes — if you want to end it with your cheating wife — and why inaction isn’t an option. When anger, hurt and disgust might paralyze you, here’s the step-by-step to getting you onto the high ground and keeping you there. 13:24 mins.

$ - “You know it’s over: how to protect yourself”
is the primer on capitalizing on the element of surprise. Whether it’s a week, a month, or two years, getting out front of the mess will make it less messy for you. Hear how here. 14:44 mins.

$ - “Who serves first: Divorce Court manners … and moves gives the basics on controlling the tenor of the dispute. Here’s why and how divorces turn nasty — and thus much more expensive and destructive — and how, if it can be prevented, to prevent yours from going there. 6:17 mins.

$- “The custody fight: you and the kids” is the primer on minimizing the adverse psychological effects of divorce on the kids. Here you’ll also hear the basics on what to do to effectively secure your children’s help in convincing the judge to give you substantial time with them. 12:46 mins

$ - “The custody fight: you and the professionalsgives the road-map of all the adults — teachers, coaches, guardians, shrinks, evaluators and more — who will play a role in helping the judge make up her mind about custody. How to get them on your side … and keep them there. 8:44 mins.

When your lawyer rocks back in his comfy office chair at $450 an hour and says, “Hold on a minute, let me go back and start at the beginning,” YOU’RE DEAD MEAT! Let E.B. and Judge start you at the beginning. Pay your lawyer to lawyer!

This isn’t rocket science, but someone has to tell you how it works. And how to protect yourself in a divorce isn’t exactly the kind of topic you just pop while you and your buddy are teeing off. Or you’ll both be looking for your balls in the tall grass! If you think you’re going to ask a buddy how to protect yourself, you never are. Ask E.B.! What you need to know is all right here. Get the download and GET SMART!
You can read it on a plane flight, and 100% get it! You’ve got to know your stuff to explain it as simply as E.B. has here. He pulls off the mystery and lays out the facts! Read the ebooks on the plane and you’ll know right where you are, what you have to do, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. Then listen to the podcasts in the privacy of your car. Quit wondering and get real.

Don’t pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour to teach you the basics.

Pay your lawyer to do the lawyering you need to win!

Save thousands on your legal bill: GO IN SMART!

You could save tens of thousands on your settlement!

Don’t wait to learn what you need to be doing – or what will be used against you. Here are the facts of life. Your lawyer’s only as good as his case. Find out what you can do now to ensure that when you do go in, you go in with a strong case. It’s never too soon for a married guy to learn this stuff!

Get The Playbook now, and save tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars! You’ll get The Playbook immediately. Two ebooks and seven podcasts.

The Playbook
includes a second book
by E.B. Gunn, The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking Through a Custody Battle. This book might sound like a cookbook (and it does have some recipes you’ll need in it) – but it’s TONS MORE.

The Gentleman’s Cooking Guide
is a step-by-step guide to everything you’ll need to know to hold your own in a custody battle ... WHERE THE REAL EMOTIONS AND REAL DOLLARS GET SPENT!!

What’s cooking got to do with it? Dad, when you’ve “got the kids” that means the kids are with you at your house. And, brother, if the food ain’t good, they’ll be telling it to the Judge. No junk food. No carry-in. The ex’ll be on your case. But, oh yes, easy-to-cook, sweet, comfort food that’ll have the little ones begging for more. And more:

The Gentleman’s Cooking Guide
gives you a real world up close perspective on managing all aspects of the custody battle.

Of course custody battles are about keeping the kids – but did you know her attorney is fighting to get her more time with the kids because it means more money for her? It’s called child support!! And when he leaves you broke, he gets more clients. Some of these guys are killers. WAKE UP! Read this book and learn their tricks, and learn the tricks to keeping your kids!

When you’re in the snake pit you need snake boots! Get em here!

“If I’d read these books a year sooner, I’d have kept my house and my kids,” — Jim S., Wilton, CT.  “I paid a lawyer more than it cost to put two kids through college, and she didn’t tell me half this stuff. Am I bitter? You bet I’m bitter!”

Don’t sweat it. Get smart! Leave it to E.B.

“The Judge” is a practicing domestic attorney (who also happens to be a judge). He’s in private practice today. To hire him in your city or town would cost you $700.00 an hour or more. As a part of The Playbook you’ll receive 1½ hours of E.B. and Judge telling you the tricks, the ins-and-outs, and the pitfalls ahead.

This offer will save you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees!

You’d pay thousands of dollars to hear these same facts of divorce life from your lawyer. But Judge and E.B. give you the short course FREE when you purchase The Playbook. And they’ll give you a couple of well-deserved laughs along the way too.

Download the audio clips onto your i-phone and listen to them in your car when you drive home from work. What could be simpler?


The two books and the seven audio downloads are thousands of dollars of value to you in saved attorney’s fees. But you’ll get them for just $37.99 while this introductory offer lasts.

That’s equal to what you’d pay for about FIVE MINUTES with a $350.00 per hour lawyer! But you can’t buy a lawyer’s time that cheap because they charge in 15 minute minimum increments.

Get it now! And if it doesn’t work for you, send it back! No problem. We honor the 60 days …  Love it or Shove it Guarantee.

There’s no risk. It’s a win-win. So get it now before the price goes up, or you further deteriorate your case, or you pay a lawyer a hundreds an hour to tell you what you can get here for less than it costs to pay your bar tab! Pay your lawyer to be a lawyer – not for information you can easily read for yourself!

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce
is the ONLY book out there like this –

With it in this offer you’ll get an hour-and-a-half with Judge that gives you the nuances … and a second ebook: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking Through a Child Custody Battle, by E.B. Gunn — all the strategic and operational basics for winning the custody fight for your kids!

It’s time to take your future back! Get control of your divorce and get on with your life – AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AND YOUR KIDS!

About E.B.Gunn

E.B.Gunn is a political consultant, best-selling author and dad who cooks for his kids. Judge, who joins E.B. on the 7 podcasts, is a Top Tier domestic attorney and Municipal Court Judge. They are each divorced and remarried.

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Listen to These Guys Who Went in SMART...

“I knew what was happening, but I just didn’t want to face it. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I thought if I didn’t acknowledge it, it might go away. ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce’ is where I should have turned. E.B. would have saved me thousands — or more!”
Sam H., Seattle, WA

“I stuck around through complete misery because I wanted to be with my kids. Everything I’d seen made me believe if we got divorced, my wife would get the kids. If I’d had The Gentleman’s Guide, I’d have had the roadmap for getting out and keeping my kids too.”
— Ron R., Oklahoma City, OK

“ In it all, Gunn takes a decidedly low-key but plesantly humorous approach to a very unfunny process. The reader can't help but smile occasionally at the turn of a phrase or an experience that Gunn uses to make a point. It is an entertaining read, whether you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, thinking about one, or just reading the book so you can help a friend through the process. Overall, I think E.B. Gunn has made a nice contribution to the literature out there that purports to help divorcing fathers. The Gentleman's Guide to the Nasty Divorce is a worthwhile read and will help bring information and perspective to any man finding himself with a deteriorating marriage. Following his well written and helpful advice will make what is almost always a devastating experience a little more liveable. ”

Wayne Parker, from his review of 'The Gentleman's Guide to the Nasty Divorce

"This off-beat new cookbook is part basic cooking primer and part divorced-dad survival guide, with a dash of “The Art of War.” “In a custody fight, there are theaters of war,” says Gunn. “There’s the homework theater, the watch-too-much-TV theater, the medical theater [when someone gets sick], and then there’s the kitchen theater. If the food’s better at Dad’s house, and it’s fun because he includes us while Mom is too busy and wants to do takeout, that’s an area where you can achieve an advantage.” If Gunn writes like a battle strategist, that may be because in a sense he is one: a former journalist and Wall Streeter, he’s now a political consultant who works on local campaigns. ”

Chris Erikson, from his 'New York Post' piece on 'The Gentleman's Guide to Cooking Through a Child Custody Battle.'

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